First NameMattLast NameWINCHESTER
NationalityUSA Place of BirthSlidell USA
Date of Birth05 Dec 1989Age33
GendermaleAthlete IDUSA1989M62
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight72.9kg (161lb)
Registered15 May 2006Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting75kg squat247.7kg01 Mar 200818LHSPLA Varsity State Meet schBaton Rouge USA
powerlifting75kg bench135.0kg23 Jan 200818La. South Region Champ.Baton Rouge USA
powerlifting75kg deadlift259.1kg15 Dec 200718Episcopal H.S. Invitational schBaton Rouge, L USA
powerlifting75kg total639.3kg23 Jan 200818La. South Region Champ.Baton Rouge USA

RESULTS  (show detail)

01 Mar 2008powerlifting (IPF)Slidell Powerlifting ClubLHSPLA Varsity State Meet sch75kg total1628.1kg(72.4kg)Baton Rouge USA
23 Jan 2008powerlifting (IPF)Slidell Powerlifting ClubLa. South Region Champ.75kg total1639.3kg(73.9kg)Baton Rouge USA
15 Dec 2007powerlifting (IPF)Slidell Powerlifting ClubEpiscopal H.S. Invitational sch75kg total1618.2kg(72.5kg)Baton Rouge, L USA
31 Mar 2007powerlifting (USPF)Slidell Powerlifting ClubNational Champs sch75kg total3560.1kg(72.3kg)Alexandria La. USA
10 Mar 2007powerlifting (IPF)Slidell Powerlifting ClubIron Lion National Qualifying sch75kg total1578.3kg(72.2kg)Hammond, La. USA
02 Mar 2007powerlifting (USPF)Slidell Powerlifting ClubLouisiana Varsity State sch75kg total3553.3kg(72.8kg)Alexandria, La. USA
25 Jan 2007powerlifting (IPF)Slidell Powerlifting ClubLa.High School South Regionals oth75kg total1537.5kg(72.2kg)Houma, La. USA
15 Dec 2006powerlifting (IPF)Slidell Powerlifting ClubUSAPL Episcopal Invitational sch75kg total1569.8kg(72.4kg)Baton Rouge, La USA
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