First NameJenniferLast NameREY GAUDREAU
NationalityUSA Place of BirthWest Monroe, Louisiana USA
Date of Birth02 Nov 1971Age50
GenderfemaleAthlete IDUSA1971F1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight60.0kg (132lb)
Registered16 Dec 2005Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting60kg squat165.0kg25 Jan 200331National ChampsKilleen, TX USA
powerlifting60kg bench105.5kg25 Jan 200331National ChampsKilleen, TX USA
powerlifting67.5kg bench105.0kg17 Nov 200736National ChampsDenver USA
powerlifting60kg deadlift182.5kg16 Oct 200533National ChampsDenver, Colora USA
powerlifting60kg total433.0kg18 May 200230Texas State ChampionshipsDallas, Texas USA

RESULTS  (hide detail)

17 Nov 2007powerlifting (IPF)Rocky Mountain Lifting ClubNational Champs67.5kg bench1105.0kg(60.4kg)Denver USA
26 May 2006powerlifting (IPF)Rocky Mountain Lifting ClubWorld Champs60kg bench790.0kg(60.0kg)Miskolc HUN
11 Feb 2006powerlifting (IPF)Rocky Mountain Lifting ClubNational Champs60kg total4387.5kg(59.0kg)Denver USA
60kg squat147.5kg
60kg bench80.0kg
60kg deadlift160.0kg
16 Oct 2005powerlifting (IPF)Rocky Mountain Lifting ClubNational Champs60kg deadlift1182.5kg(60.0kg)Denver, Colora USA
05 Feb 2004powerlifting (IPF)Rocky Mountain Lifting ClubNational Champs60kg total3412.5kg(60.0kg)St Louis USA
60kg squat157.0kg
60kg bench87.5kg
60kg deadlift167.5kg
25 Jan 2003powerlifting (IPF)National Champs60kg total4430.0kg(60.0kg)Killeen, TX USA
60kg squat165.0kg
60kg bench105.5kg
60kg deadlift162.5kg
18 May 2002powerlifting (IPF)Texas State Championships60kg total1433.0kg(60.0kg)Dallas, Texas USA
60kg squat162.5kg
60kg bench105.0kg
60kg deadlift165.0kg
09 Feb 2002powerlifting (IPF)National Champs60kg total3425.0kg(60.0kg)Chicago, Ilino USA
60kg squat152.0kg
60kg bench102.5kg
60kg deadlift170.0kg
20 Jan 2001powerlifting (IPF)National Champs60kg total4413.0kg(60.0kg)Ft. Wayne, Ind USA
60kg squat160.0kg
60kg bench92.5kg
60kg deadlift160.0kg
20 May 1999powerlifting (IPF)World Champs60kg total7420.0kg(60.0kg)Thisted DEN
60kg squat160.0kg
60kg bench97.5kg
60kg deadlift162.5kg
24 May 1998powerlifting (IPF)World Champs60kg total9420.0kg(60.0kg)Mo I Rana NOR
60kg squat155.0kg
60kg bench87.5kg
60kg deadlift177.5kg
24 Jan 1998powerlifting (IPF)National Champs60kg total1392.5kg(60.0kg)Seattle, Washi USA
60kg squat142.5kg
60kg bench85.0kg
60kg deadlift165.0kg
27 Feb 1997powerlifting (IPF)National Champs60kg total1432.5kg(60.0kg)Lincoln, Nebra USA
60kg squat160.0kg
60kg bench97.5kg
60kg deadlift175.0kg
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