First NameRogerLast NameRYAN
NationalityUSA Place of BirthUSA
Date of Birth17 Sep 1955Age67
GendermaleAthlete IDUSA1955M2
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight100.0kg (220lb)
Registered23 Jun 2004Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting125kg bench320.0kg20 Jan 200751APF Bench Bash for Cash o50Dubuque, IA USA
powerlifting125+kg bench322.5kg30 Jun 200751AFP Summer BashWillowbrook, IL USA

RESULTS  (show detail)

30 Jun 2007powerlifting (IPF)AFP Summer Bash125+kg bench1322.5kg(100.0kg)Willowbrook, IL USA
20 Jan 2007powerlifting (WPC)APF Bench Bash for Cash o50125kg bench1320.0kg(100.0kg)Dubuque, IA USA
16 Nov 2005powerlifting (Oth)Illini PowerliftingWorld Champs125kg bench1272.5kg(100.0kg)Reno, NV USA
29 Jul 2005powerlifting (Oth)World Champs o40125kg bench1272.5kg(100.0kg)Lincolnwood, IL USA
30 Apr 2005powerlifting (Oth)Illini PowerliftingNational Champs o45125kg bench1265.0kg(100.0kg)Tuscola, IL USA
12 Mar 2005powerlifting (Oth)Illini PowerliftingAPF IL State Championships125kg bench1250.0kg(100.0kg)Aurora, IL USA
25 Sep 2004powerlifting (Oth)National Champs o40125kg bench1231.0kg(100.0kg)Tuscola, IL USA
14 Aug 2004powerlifting (Oth)Regional Champs o40125kg bench1227.5kg(100.0kg)Murfreesboro, USA
26 Jun 2004powerlifting (Oth)Regional Champs o40125kg bench1220.0kg(100.0kg)Chicago, IL USA
22 May 2004powerlifting (Oth)Regional Champs o40125kg bench1217.5kg(100.0kg)Mesa, AZ USA
24 Apr 2004powerlifting (Oth)National Champs o40125kg bench1231.0kg(100.0kg)Tuscola, IL USA
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