First NameSergioLast NameWATERS
NationalityUSA Place of BirthUSA
Date of Birth10 Dec 1900Age121
GendermaleAthlete IDUSA1900M1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight39.0kg ( 86lb)
Registered29 Nov 2018Sportspowerlifting, weightlifting
Occupation3rd graderWebsite

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting unequipped52kg squat47.6kg11 Jan 2020119USAPL aresenal athletic indiindiana USA
powerlifting unequipped52kg bench25.5kg14 Sep 2019118USAPL KENTUCKY STATE POWERLIFTKentucky USA
powerlifting unequipped52kg deadlift57.5kg11 Jan 2020119USAPL aresenal athletic indiindiana USA
powerlifting unequipped52kg total133.0kg11 Jan 2020119USAPL aresenal athletic indiindiana USA
powerlifting unequipped52kg push-pull71.0kg09 Feb 2019118USAPL Lake Pleasant Push/Pull uniARIZONA USA
weightlifting56kg snatch18.0kg25 Jul 20201192020 USAW Kentucky Statelexington kent USA
weightlifting56kg jerk22.0kg20 Apr 2019118USAW KENTUCKY STATE 13&Under othKentucky USA
weightlifting56kg total39.0kg20 Apr 2019118USAW KENTUCKY STATE 13&Under othKentucky USA

RESULTS  (hide detail)

25 Jul 2020weightlifting2020 USAW Kentucky State56kg total138.0kg(49.0kg)lexington kent USA
56kg snatch18.0kg
56kg jerk20.0kg
11 Jan 2020powerlifting (IPF)
USA power liftingUSAPL aresenal athletic indi52kg total1133.0kgindiana USA
52kg squat47.6kg
52kg bench 2.0kg
52kg deadlift57.5kg
14 Sep 2019powerlifting (IPF)
USAPL KENTUCKY STATE POWERLIFT52kg total1115.5kg(38.0kg)Kentucky USA
52kg squat37.5kg
52kg bench25.5kg
52kg deadlift52.5kg
20 Apr 2019weightliftingUSAW KENTUCKY STATE 13&Under oth56kg total139.0kg(37.8kg)Kentucky USA
56kg snatch17.0kg
56kg jerk22.0kg
09 Feb 2019powerlifting (IPF)
USAPL Lake Pleasant Push/Pull uni52kg push-pull171.0kg(40.0kg)ARIZONA USA
52kg bench20.0kg
52kg deadlift51.0kg
13 Oct 2018weightliftingUSAW TENNESSEE STATE 13&Under56kg total127.0kg(36.0kg)Tennessee USA
56kg snatch12.0kg
56kg jerk15.0kg
28 Sep 2018powerlifting (AAU)
AAU WORLD bench press 6&7 yr52kg bench122.5kg(35.0kg)Nevada USA
28 Sep 2018weightliftingAAU WORLD weightlifting 6&7 Yr uni56kg total120.0kg(35.0kg)Nevada USA
56kg snatch10.0kg
56kg jerk10.0kg
18 Aug 2018powerlifting (AAU)
AAU Last Chance BP/DL52kg push-pull167.0kg(35.0kg)Arizona USA
52kg bench20.0kg
52kg deadlift47.0kg
17 Mar 2018weightliftingUSAW Last chance Tucson56kg total127.0kg(31.0kg)ARIZONA USA
56kg snatch13.0kg
56kg jerk14.0kg
02 Feb 2018weightliftingUSAW Highschool & open uni56kg total-23.0kg(31.0kg)ARIZONA USA
56kg snatch12.0kg
56kg jerk11.0kg
23 Dec 2017weightliftingUSAW JINGLE BARBELLS56kg total118.0kg(31.0kg)ARIZONA USA
56kg snatch 9.0kg
56kg jerk 9.0kg
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