First NameMarielLast NameMERCADO
NationalityPUR Place of BirthPonce PUR
Date of Birth14 Mar 1981Age41
GenderfemaleAthlete IDPUR1981F2
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight75.0kg (165lb)
Registered30 Nov 2009Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting75kg bench92.5kg21 Nov 200928Comp. Nacionales de BP de PRPonce, PR PUR
powerlifting82.5kg bench80.0kg18 Jun 200524North American ChampionshipsMiami USA
powerlifting82.5kg deadlift145.0kg18 Jun 200524North American ChampionshipsMiami USA

RESULTS  (show detail)

21 Nov 2009powerlifting (IPF)PonceComp. Nacionales de BP de PR75kg bench192.5kg(75.0kg)Ponce, PR PUR
18 Jun 2005powerlifting (IPF)PURNorth American Championships82.5kg total3 0.0kg(76.4kg)Miami USA
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