First NameMarietLast NameSPRONK
NationalityNED Place of BirthNED
Date of Birth13 Apr 1955Age67
GenderfemaleAthlete IDNED1955F1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight67.5kg (149lb)
Registered06 Jun 2005Sportspowerlifting


28 Nov 1991powerlifting (IPF)European Champs67.5kg total3400.0kg(66.0kg)Mo I Rana NOR

PERSONAL BESTS  (hide progression)

powerlifting67.5kg squat152.5kg27 Mar 199539National ChampsZuid Scharwoude NED
150.0kg26 Mar 199438National ChampsAlkmaar NED
147.5kg27 May 199237World ChampsGent BEL
145.0kg27 Nov 199035European ChampsMadrid ESP
142.5kg04 Oct 199035National ChampsRotterdam NED
135.0kg28 May 199035World ChampsJonk?ping SWE
132.5kg06 Oct 198833National ChampsAlkmaar NED
powerlifting75kg squat157.5kg29 Nov 200045European ChampsHamm LUX
155.0kg22 May 199944World ChampsThisted DEN
152.5kg28 May 199843World ChampsMo I Rana NOR
145.0kg04 Oct 199540World Champs o40Kopenhagen DEN
powerlifting67.5kg bench100.0kg01 May 200550National ChampsAlmere NED
97.5kg23 Mar 199741National ChampsNijverdal NED
92.5kg27 Mar 199539National ChampsZuid Scharwoude NED
90.0kg26 Mar 199438National ChampsAlkmaar NED
87.5kg29 May 199338World ChampsJ?nk?ping SWE
85.0kg27 May 199237World ChampsGent BEL
82.5kg28 Nov 199136European ChampsMo I Rana NOR
77.5kg28 May 199035World ChampsJonk?ping SWE
75.0kg06 Oct 198833National ChampsAlkmaar NED
powerlifting75kg bench112.5kg28 Nov 200449European ChampsTrencin SVK
110.0kg28 Aug 200449European Champs o40Hamm LUX
102.5kg29 Nov 200348European ChampsTrencin SVK
100.0kg04 May 199742National ChampsAlkmaar NED
87.5kg04 Oct 199540World Champs o40Kopenhagen DEN
powerlifting67.5kg deadlift190.0kg26 Mar 199438National ChampsAlkmaar NED
187.5kg29 May 199338World ChampsJ?nk?ping SWE
180.0kg04 Oct 199035National ChampsRotterdam NED
175.0kg28 May 199035World ChampsJonk?ping SWE
170.0kg06 Oct 198833National ChampsAlkmaar NED
powerlifting75kg deadlift187.5kg28 May 199843World ChampsMo I Rana NOR
175.0kg04 Oct 199540World Champs o40Kopenhagen DEN
powerlifting67.5kg total437.5kg23 Mar 199741National ChampsNijverdal NED
430.0kg26 Mar 199438National ChampsAlkmaar NED
422.5kg29 May 199338World ChampsJ?nk?ping SWE
410.0kg28 Nov 199237European ChampsUppsala SWE
407.5kg27 May 199237World ChampsGent BEL
402.5kg27 Nov 199035European ChampsMadrid ESP
400.0kg04 Oct 199035National ChampsRotterdam NED
387.5kg28 May 199035World ChampsJonk?ping SWE
377.5kg06 Oct 198833National ChampsAlkmaar NED
powerlifting75kg total450.0kg28 Nov 200449European ChampsTrencin SVK
445.0kg29 Nov 200045European ChampsHamm LUX
437.5kg22 May 199944World ChampsThisted DEN
435.0kg28 May 199843World ChampsMo I Rana NOR
407.5kg04 Oct 199540World Champs o40Kopenhagen DEN

RESULTS  (show detail)

01 May 2005powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosNational Champs67.5kg bench2100.0kg(67.5kg)Almere NED
20 Apr 2005powerlifting (IPF)World Champs o5075kg bench2100.0kg(70.0kg)Zlin CZE
20 Mar 2005powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosNational Champs75kg total1425.0kg(68.0kg)Zuid Scharwoude NED
28 Nov 2004powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosEuropean Champs75kg total9450.0kg(72.0kg)Trencin SVK
28 Aug 2004powerlifting (IPF)European Champs o4075kg bench3110.0kg(73.1kg)Hamm LUX
05 May 2004powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosWorld Champs75kg total10435.0kg(72.0kg)Cahors FRA
29 Nov 2003powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosEuropean Champs75kg total7435.0kg(73.0kg)Trencin SVK
28 Oct 2001powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosEuropean Champs75kg total7425.0kg(71.8kg)Frytlant CZE
29 Nov 2000powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosEuropean Champs75kg total5445.0kg(72.4kg)Hamm LUX
28 May 2000powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosWorld Champs75kg total6430.0kg(71.2kg)Buenas Aires ARG
22 May 1999powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosWorld Champs75kg total8437.5kg(67.7kg)Thisted DEN
28 May 1998powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosWorld Champs75kg total8435.0kg(69.7kg)Mo I Rana NOR
20 Jun 1997powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosWorld Champs67.5kg total7425.0kg(67.0kg)capetown RSA
04 May 1997powerlifting (IPF)National Champs75kg bench1100.0kg(68.2kg)Alkmaar NED
23 Mar 1997powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosNational Champs67.5kg total1437.5kg(66.1kg)Nijverdal NED
02 Dec 1995powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosEuropean Champs67.5kg total8425.0kg(67.0kg)Manchester GBR
04 Oct 1995powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosWorld Champs o4075kg total2407.5kg(68.0kg)Kopenhagen DEN
27 Mar 1995powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosNational Champs67.5kg total1427.5kg(66.0kg)Zuid Scharwoude NED
01 May 1994powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosNational Champs67.5kg bench190.0kg(65.6kg)Noord Scharwou NED
26 Mar 1994powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosNational Champs67.5kg total1430.0kg(67.0kg)Alkmaar NED
29 May 1993powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosWorld Champs67.5kg total9422.5kg(67.0kg)J?nk?ping SWE
02 May 1993powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosEuropean Champs67.5kg total9402.5kg(67.0kg)Darmstad GER
28 Nov 1992powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosEuropean Champs67.5kg total8410.0kg(67.0kg)Uppsala SWE
27 May 1992powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosWorld Champs67.5kg total10407.5kg(67.0kg)Gent BEL
28 Nov 1991powerlifting (IPF)European Champs67.5kg total3400.0kg(66.0kg)Mo I Rana NOR
27 Nov 1990powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosEuropean Champs67.5kg total4402.5kg(67.0kg)Madrid ESP
04 Oct 1990powerlifting (IPF)National Champs67.5kg total1400.0kg(66.0kg)Rotterdam NED
28 May 1990powerlifting (IPF)World Champs67.5kg total7387.5kg(66.0kg)Jonk?ping SWE
06 Oct 1988powerlifting (IPF)KSV HeliosNational Champs67.5kg total2377.5kg(67.0kg)Alkmaar NED
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