First NameMaria PiaLast NameSALEMME
NationalityITA Place of BirthRome ITA
Date of Birth25 May 1975Age47
GenderfemaleAthlete IDITA1975F1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight51.0kg (112lb)
Registered21 Feb 2004Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (hide progression)

powerlifting48kg squat120.0kg15 Oct 200732World ChampsSolden AUT
powerlifting52kg squat142.5kg07 May 201438European ChampsSofia BUL
137.5kg27 Apr 201438National ChampsMarotta Mondol ITA
135.0kg18 Oct 200833National ChampsTerni ITA
130.0kg25 Nov 200530European ChampsOroshaza HUN
127.5kg06 Nov 200530National ChampsMarina di Carr ITA
122.5kg23 Apr 200529National ChampsTrento ITA
120.0kg26 Nov 200429European ChampsTrencin SVK
117.5kg27 Mar 200428National ChampsParma ITA
115.0kg07 Dec 200328National ChampsRONCADELLE (BR ITA
112.5kg06 Apr 200327National ChampsMARINA DI CARR ITA
110.0kg07 Apr 200226National ChampsMarina di Carr ITA
powerlifting48kg bench62.5kg15 Oct 200732World ChampsSolden AUT
powerlifting52kg bench67.5kg21 Jul 200631western european championshipHamm LUX
62.5kg23 Apr 200529National ChampsTrento ITA
57.5kg26 Nov 200429European ChampsTrencin SVK
52.5kg07 Dec 200328National ChampsRONCADELLE (BR ITA
50.0kg06 Apr 200327National ChampsMARINA DI CARR ITA
45.0kg07 Apr 200226National ChampsMarina di Carr ITA
powerlifting48kg deadlift140.0kg15 Oct 200732World ChampsSolden AUT
powerlifting52kg deadlift155.0kg10 Jun 200732National ChampsModena ITA
152.5kg12 Mar 200529National ChampsTerni ITA
145.0kg26 Nov 200429European ChampsTrencin SVK
142.5kg23 Feb 200327National ChampsTERNI ITA
130.0kg07 Dec 200227National ChampsVizzolo ITA
110.0kg07 Apr 200226National ChampsMarina di Carr ITA
powerlifting48kg total322.5kg15 Oct 200732World ChampsSolden AUT
powerlifting52kg total443.0kg09 Sep 201641Western European ChampionshipsBorgaro Torine ITA
360.0kg07 May 201438European ChampsSofia BUL
352.5kg27 Apr 201438National ChampsMarotta Mondol ITA
350.0kg31 Oct 201035National ChampsTaneto di Gatt ITA
340.0kg29 Apr 200630National ChampsNettuno ITA
335.0kg25 Nov 200530European ChampsOroshaza HUN
332.5kg06 Nov 200530National ChampsMarina di Carr ITA
327.5kg23 Apr 200529National ChampsTrento ITA
322.5kg26 Nov 200429European ChampsTrencin SVK
310.0kg27 Mar 200428National ChampsParma ITA
307.0kg07 Dec 200328National ChampsRONCADELLE (BR ITA
287.5kg06 Apr 200327National ChampsMARINA DI CARR ITA
277.5kg07 Dec 200227National ChampsVizzolo ITA
265.0kg07 Apr 200226National ChampsMarina di Carr ITA

RESULTS  (show detail)

09 Sep 2016powerlifting (IPF)Roma PowerliftingWestern European Championships52kg total1443.0kg(50.0kg)Borgaro Torine ITA
28 Feb 2016powerlifting (IPF)Roma PowerliftingNational Champs o4052kg deadlift2152.5kg(49.0kg)Cecina ITA
14 Oct 2015powerlifting (IPF)Roma PowerliftingNational Champs o4052kg total4357.5kg(49.8kg)Terni ITA
16 Apr 2015powerlifting (IPF)Roma PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total3355.0kg(50.9kg)san zenone ITA
07 May 2014powerlifting (IPF)European Champs52kg total7360.0kg(51.1kg)Sofia BUL
27 Apr 2014powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total3352.5kg(51.1kg)Marotta Mondol ITA
20 Oct 2013powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total1350.0kg(51.1kg)Terni ITA
28 Apr 2013powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total2330.0kg(51.1kg)salsomaggiore ITA
03 May 2011powerlifting (IPF)European Champs52kg total8342.5kg(50.8kg)Pilsen CZE
17 Apr 2011powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total2347.0kg(50.2kg)S.Zenone al La ITA
12 Mar 2011powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg deadlift2150.0kg(50.4kg)Ferrara ITA
31 Oct 2010powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total2350.0kg(50.5kg)Taneto di Gatt ITA
06 Mar 2010powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg deadlift1150.0kg(49.7kg)Taneto di Gatt ITA
10 Mar 2009powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg deadlift1147.5kg(50.2kg)Dresano ITA
18 Oct 2008powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total2340.0kg(51.3kg)Terni ITA
06 May 2008powerlifting (IPF)European Champs52kg total6332.0kg(51.0kg)Frydek-Mistek CZE
15 Oct 2007powerlifting (IPF)World Champs48kg total8322.5kg(47.4kg)Solden AUT
10 Jun 2007powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg deadlift1155.0kg(50.3kg)Modena ITA
09 Nov 2006powerlifting (IPF)World Champs52kg total11335.0kg(50.8kg)Stavanger NOR
21 Jul 2006powerlifting (IPF)western european championship52kg total2337.7kg(50.8kg)Hamm LUX
10 May 2006powerlifting (IPF)European Champs52kg total6327.5kg(50.5kg)Prostejov CZE
29 Apr 2006powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total1340.0kg(50.0kg)Nettuno ITA
12 Mar 2006powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg deadlift1147.5kg(51.3kg)Monza ITA
25 Nov 2005powerlifting (IPF)European Champs52kg total4335.0kg(50.7kg)Oroshaza HUN
06 Nov 2005powerlifting (IPF)A.S. Roma Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total1332.5kg(51.8kg)Marina di Carr ITA
23 Apr 2005powerlifting (IPF)Delfino Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total1327.5kg(50.7kg)Trento ITA
12 Mar 2005powerlifting (IPF)Delfino Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg deadlift1152.5kg(51.0kg)Terni ITA
26 Nov 2004powerlifting (IPF)European Champs52kg total8322.5kg(51.3kg)Trencin SVK
27 Mar 2004powerlifting (IPF)Delfino Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total1310.0kg(51.2kg)Parma ITA
07 Dec 2003powerlifting (IPF)Delfino Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total1307.0kg(51.2kg)RONCADELLE (BR ITA
06 Apr 2003powerlifting (IPF)Delfino Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total1287.5kg(50.7kg)MARINA DI CARR ITA
23 Feb 2003powerlifting (IPF)Delfino Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg deadlift1142.5kg(51.0kg)TERNI ITA
07 Dec 2002powerlifting (IPF)Delfino Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total1277.5kg(50.5kg)Vizzolo ITA
07 Apr 2002powerlifting (IPF)Delfino Natural PowerliftingNational Champs52kg total2265.0kg(51.0kg)Marina di Carr ITA
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