First NameKatalinLast NameROHRMANN
NationalityHUN Place of BirthHUN
Date of Birth06 Jul 1953Age71
GenderfemaleAthlete IDHUN1953F1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight 
Registered12 Aug 2004Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting75kg squat120.0kg29 May 200450National ChampsVeszpr HUN
powerlifting75kg bench95.0kg01 May 200450National ChampsLip?t HUN
powerlifting75kg deadlift145.0kg01 May 200450National ChampsLip?t HUN
powerlifting75kg total357.5kg29 May 200450National Champs o50Veszpr HUN

RESULTS  (hide detail)

29 May 2004powerlifting (IPF)National Champs o5075kg total1357.5kg(75.0kg)Veszpr HUN
75kg squat120.0kg
75kg bench92.5kg
75kg deadlift145.0kg
01 May 2004powerlifting (IPF)National Champs o5075kg total2345.5kg(75.0kg)Lip?t HUN
75kg squat107.5kg
75kg bench95.0kg
75kg deadlift145.0kg
15 Apr 2004powerlifting (IPF)World Champs o5075kg bench390.0kg(75.0kg)Trencin SVK
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