First NameFabianLast NameBERNARD
NationalityFRA Place of BirthFRA
Date of Birth01 May 1982Age41
GendermaleAthlete IDFRA1982M1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight75.0kg (165lb)
Registered09 Apr 2005Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting75kg squat220.0kg22 May 200523European Champszilina SVK
powerlifting75kg bench132.5kg03 Apr 200522National Champs jnrarmentieres FRA
powerlifting75kg deadlift252.5kg03 Apr 200522National Champs jnrarmentieres FRA
powerlifting75kg total602.5kg03 Apr 200522National Champs jnrarmentieres FRA

RESULTS  (hide detail)

22 Oct 2005powerlifting (Oth)CAPN PARISWorld Champs jnr75kg total2570.0kg(75.0kg)Dessau GER
75kg squat215.0kg
75kg bench130.0kg
75kg deadlift225.0kg
22 May 2005powerlifting (Oth)CAPN PARISEuropean Champs jnr75kg total4577.5kg(75.0kg)zilina SVK
75kg squat220.0kg
75kg bench122.5kg
75kg deadlift235.0kg
03 Apr 2005powerlifting (IPF)C.S Meaux F.ANational Champs jnr75kg total1602.5kg(74.2kg)armentieres FRA
75kg squat217.5kg
75kg bench132.5kg
75kg deadlift252.5kg
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