First NameEricLast NamePLATEL
NationalityFRA Place of BirthFRA
Date of Birth23 Sep 1971Age50
GendermaleAthlete IDFRA1971M1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight100.0kg (220lb)
Registered17 Jul 2004Sportspowerlifting


15 Nov 2011powerlifting (WPC)World Champs110kg bench1252.5kg(100.0kg)Riga LAT
14 Nov 2011powerlifting (WPC)
World Champs110kg bench2182.5kg(100.0kg)Riga LAT

PERSONAL BESTS  (hide progression)

powerlifting100kg bench205.0kg24 Apr 201038National ChampsTyrosse FRA
195.0kg26 Mar 200634National ChampsLa Garde FRA
187.5kg18 Dec 200534CHAMPIONNAT DEPARTEMENTALLa Verpill?re FRA
180.0kg21 Feb 200432R?gionalChateaurenard FRA
powerlifting110kg bench270.0kg26 Apr 201442National ChampsMalguenac FRA
252.5kg15 Nov 201140World ChampsRiga LAT
230.0kg23 Nov 200837World ChampsPalm Beach USA
powerlifting unequipped110kg bench200.0kg14 Nov 201443World Champs o40west palm beach USA
182.5kg14 Nov 201140World ChampsRiga LAT
powerlifting unequipped100kg bench205.0kg10 Apr 201644National ChampsGarons FRA

RESULTS  (show detail)

10 Apr 2016powerlifting (WPC)
Power Club PontoisNational Champs100kg bench1205.0kg(100.0kg)Garons FRA
14 Nov 2014powerlifting (WPC)
Power Club PontoisWorld Champs o40110kg bench1200.0kg(100.0kg)west palm beach USA
26 Apr 2014powerlifting (WPC)Power Club PontoisNational Champs110kg bench2270.0kg(100.0kg)Malguenac FRA
10 Jun 2013powerlifting (WPC)Power Club PontoisEuropean Champs o40110kg bench2250.0kg(100.0kg)Vila Do Conde POR
06 Nov 2012powerlifting (WPC)Power Club PontoisWorld Champs o40110kg bench1250.0kg(100.0kg)Las Vegas USA
15 Nov 2011powerlifting (WPC)Power Club PontoisWorld Champs110kg bench1252.5kg(100.0kg)Riga LAT
14 Nov 2011powerlifting (WPC)
Power Club PontoisWorld Champs110kg bench2182.5kg(100.0kg)Riga LAT
16 Apr 2011powerlifting (WPC)Power Club PontoisNational Champs110kg bench2230.0kg(100.0kg)Pont de Claix FRA
07 Nov 2010powerlifting (WPC)World Champs110kg bench4225.0kg(100.0kg)MIKKELI FIN
24 Apr 2010powerlifting (WPC)National Champs100kg bench1205.0kg(98.0kg)Tyrosse FRA
23 Nov 2008powerlifting (WPC)ASPFCWorld Champs110kg bench8230.0kg(100.0kg)Palm Beach USA
21 Apr 2008powerlifting (WPC)ASPFCNational Champs100kg bench2190.0kg(99.0kg)Monb?liard FRA
15 Dec 2007powerlifting (IPF)HC GrenobleCHAMPIONNAT DEPARTEMENTAL100kg bench2190.0kg(96.5kg)La Verpill?re FRA
26 Mar 2006powerlifting (IPF)ASPFCNational Champs100kg bench9195.0kg(96.4kg)La Garde FRA
18 Dec 2005powerlifting (IPF)ASPFCCHAMPIONNAT DEPARTEMENTAL100kg bench1187.5kg(95.3kg)La Verpill?re FRA
04 Nov 2005powerlifting (WPC)ASPFCWorld Champs100kg bench7180.0kg(94.1kg)Helsinki FIN
13 Mar 2004powerlifting (WPC)National Champs100kg bench3175.0kg(96.9kg)Sevran FRA
21 Feb 2004powerlifting (WPC)R?gional100kg bench1180.0kg(96.5kg)Chateaurenard FRA
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