First NamePascalLast NameGIRARD
NationalityFRA Place of BirthChamalieres FRA
Date of Birth04 Aug 1970Age52
GendermaleAthlete IDFRA1970M1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight100.0kg (220lb)
Registered31 Jul 2004Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting100kg bench207.5kg30 Apr 200029National ChampsChallans FRA
powerlifting125kg bench232.5kg18 Jan 201443Championnat d Auvergne o40Coubon FRA
powerlifting110kg bench217.5kg27 Apr 200332National ChampsTremblay en Fr FRA

RESULTS  (show detail)

18 Jan 2014powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatChampionnat d Auvergne o40125kg bench1232.5kg(100.0kg)Coubon FRA
28 Apr 2012powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatNational Champs o40125kg bench1220.0kg(100.0kg)Woippy FRA
14 May 2011powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatNational Champs o40125kg bench3227.5kg(100.0kg)Halluin FRA
13 Oct 2010powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatEuropean Champs o40125kg bench6230.0kg(100.0kg)Hagondange FRA
15 May 2010powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatNational Champs o40125kg bench1230.0kg(100.0kg)Limoges FRA
20 Mar 2010powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatNational Champs125kg bench3225.0kg(100.0kg)Nantes FRA
25 Mar 2007powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatNational Champs125kg bench2210.0kg(100.0kg)Saint Junien FRA
26 Mar 2006powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatNational Champs125kg bench2220.0kg(100.0kg)La Garde FRA
21 Jan 2006powerlifting (IPF)Sun Club GerzatChampionnat d Auvergne125kg bench1225.0kg(100.0kg)Gerzat FRA
09 May 2004powerlifting (IPF)National Champs125kg bench1217.5kg(100.0kg)Saint Martin d FRA
27 Apr 2003powerlifting (IPF)National Champs110kg bench2217.5kg(100.0kg)Tremblay en Fr FRA
30 Apr 2000powerlifting (IPF)National Champs100kg bench2207.5kg(99.8kg)Challans FRA
18 Apr 1999powerlifting (IPF)National Champs110kg bench2212.5kg(100.0kg)Mons en Baroeul FRA
19 Apr 1998powerlifting (IPF)National Champs110kg bench3195.0kg(100.0kg)Hy?res FRA
21 Apr 1996powerlifting (IPF)National Champs100kg bench3200.0kg(97.4kg)Sceaux FRA
30 Apr 1995powerlifting (IPF)National Champs100kg bench1202.5kg(97.1kg)Berck sur mer FRA
13 May 1994powerlifting (IPF)National Champs100kg bench3175.0kg(93.4kg)Avrill FRA
17 Oct 1992powerlifting (IPF)National Champs u23100kg bench1166.0kg(96.4kg)Coetquidan FRA
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