First NameJouniLast NameKVIST
NationalityFIN Place of BirthVaala FIN
Date of Birth20 May 1973Age49
GendermaleAthlete IDFIN1973M1
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight82.5kg (182lb)
Registered23 Jun 2004Sportspowerlifting


10 May 2007powerlifting (IPF)European Champs82.5kg total2780.0kg(82.4kg)Koscian POL

PERSONAL BESTS  (hide progression)

powerlifting67.5kg squat247.5kg09 Aug 199623World ChampsVaasa FIN
245.0kg15 Sep 199522European ChampsCherkasy UKR
237.5kg15 Feb 199521National ChampsVaasa FIN
220.0kg16 May 199319Regional ChampsOulainen FIN
190.0kg16 May 199218Regional ChampsOulainen FIN
powerlifting75kg squat275.0kg06 Mar 200430National ChampsJyv?skyl FIN
265.0kg26 Sep 199825Club CompetitionLaitila FIN
260.0kg10 Jul 199825Club CompetitionVaala FIN
250.0kg02 Mar 199723National ChampsSotkamo FIN
powerlifting82.5kg squat320.0kg14 Nov 200936National ChampsSalo FIN
307.5kg02 Dec 200633Regional ChampsSotkamo FIN
300.0kg14 May 200531Club CompetitionSotkamo FIN
285.0kg27 Feb 200531National ChampsMuurame FIN
277.5kg20 Nov 200431National ChampsTurenki FIN
powerlifting67.5kg bench140.0kg15 Sep 199522European ChampsCherkasy UKR
135.0kg04 Sep 199421European ChampsManchester GBR
127.5kg14 Oct 199320National ChampsLaitila FIN
125.0kg04 Oct 199219National ChampsJyv?skyl FIN
115.0kg16 May 199218Regional ChampsOulainen FIN
powerlifting75kg bench175.0kg08 Mar 200329National ChampsVantaa FIN
172.5kg23 Nov 200229Regional ChampsKiiminki FIN
160.0kg26 Sep 199825Club CompetitionLaitila FIN
157.5kg10 Jul 199825Club CompetitionVaala FIN
152.5kg02 Mar 199723National ChampsSotkamo FIN
powerlifting82.5kg bench200.0kg01 Dec 200734Club competitionSotkamo FIN
197.5kg09 Sep 200532Club CompetitionSotkamo FIN
195.0kg14 May 200531Club CompetitionSotkamo FIN
187.5kg20 Nov 200431National ChampsTurenki FIN
170.0kg13 Sep 200330National ChampsYlitornio FIN
powerlifting90kg bench195.0kg05 Dec 200936December BenchSotkamo FIN
190.0kg07 Jul 200734Hiukka Beach BenchpressSotkamo FIN
powerlifting67.5kg deadlift275.0kg08 Sep 200128Club CompetitionSotkamo FIN
255.0kg02 Mar 199622National ChampsYlitornio FIN
240.0kg16 May 199319Regional ChampsOulainen FIN
200.0kg16 May 199218Regional ChampsOulainen FIN
powerlifting75kg deadlift300.0kg06 Mar 200430National ChampsJyv?skyl FIN
287.5kg06 Nov 200330World ChampsVejle DEN
285.0kg14 Sep 200229Regional ChampsYlitornio FIN
280.0kg28 Feb 199925National ChampsSavonlinna FIN
275.0kg26 Sep 199825Club CompetitionLaitila FIN
270.0kg10 Jul 199825Club CompetitionVaala FIN
262.5kg02 Mar 199723National ChampsSotkamo FIN
powerlifting82.5kg deadlift315.0kg24 May 200835TUL ChampsSotkamo FIN
312.5kg06 May 200632TUL ChampsSotkamo FIN
310.0kg09 Sep 200532Club CompetitionSotkamo FIN
305.0kg14 May 200531Club CompetitionSotkamo FIN
295.0kg20 Nov 200431National ChampsTurenki FIN
powerlifting67.5kg total655.0kg08 Sep 200128Club CompetitionSotkamo FIN
637.5kg09 Aug 199623World Champs u23Vaasa FIN
632.5kg02 Mar 199622National ChampsYlitornio FIN
620.0kg15 Sep 199522European Champs u23Cherkasy UKR
612.5kg15 Feb 199521National ChampsVaasa FIN
592.5kg04 Sep 199421European Champs u23Manchester GBR
587.5kg14 Oct 199320National ChampsLaitila FIN
580.0kg16 May 199319Regional ChampsOulainen FIN
505.0kg16 May 199218Regional ChampsOulainen FIN
powerlifting75kg total742.5kg06 Mar 200430National ChampsJyv?skyl FIN
720.0kg06 Nov 200330World ChampsVejle DEN
715.0kg09 May 200329European ChampsSofia BUL
710.0kg08 Mar 200329National ChampsVantaa FIN
700.0kg26 Sep 199825Club CompetitionLaitila FIN
687.5kg10 Jul 199825Club CompetitionVaala FIN
665.0kg02 Mar 199723National ChampsSotkamo FIN
powerlifting82.5kg total825.0kg05 May 201036European ChampsK?ping SWE
820.0kg14 Nov 200936National ChampsSalo FIN
807.5kg02 Dec 200633Regional ChampsSotkamo FIN
800.0kg14 May 200531Club CompetitionSotkamo FIN
760.0kg20 Nov 200431National ChampsTurenki FIN

RESULTS  (show detail)

05 Jul 2011out-of-compKajaani FIN
01 Nov 2010out-of-compKajaani FIN
20 Jul 2010out-of-compKajaani FIN
05 May 2010powerlifting (IPF)European Champs82.5kg total7825.0kg(82.1kg)K?ping SWE
11 Mar 2010out-of-compKajaani FIN
27 Feb 2010powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total1802.5kg(82.0kg)??nekoski FIN
05 Dec 2009powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaDecember Bench90kg bench1195.0kg(83.2kg)Sotkamo FIN
14 Nov 2009powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total1820.0kg(82.0kg)Salo FIN
20 Oct 2009out-of-compKajaani FIN
04 Oct 2009powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaFitness Expo82.5kg deadlift1312.5kg(81.9kg)Lahti FIN
07 May 2009powerlifting (IPF)European Champs82.5kg total4800.0kg(82.3kg)Ylitornio FIN
21 Feb 2009powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total1790.0kg(81.0kg)Sotkamo FIN
04 Feb 2009out-of-compKajaani FIN
15 Nov 2008powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total2770.0kg(82.2kg)H?meenlinna FIN
05 Nov 2008powerlifting (IPF)World Champs82.5kg total7797.5kg(81.0kg)St John\'s CAN
29 Aug 2008powerlifting (IPF)Nordic Champs82.5kg total1782.5kg(82.0kg)Ylitornio FIN
24 May 2008powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaTUL Champs82.5kg total1800.0kg(82.4kg)Sotkamo FIN
07 May 2008powerlifting (IPF)European Champs82.5kg total4775.0kg(81.9kg)Frydek-Mistek CZE
24 Feb 2008powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total1790.0kg(81.8kg)Pietarsaari FIN
01 Dec 2007powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaClub competition82.5kg total1650.0kg(82.5kg)Sotkamo FIN
26 Sep 2007out-of-compKajaani FIN
07 Jul 2007powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaHiukka Beach Benchpress90kg bench9190.0kg(85.8kg)Sotkamo FIN
10 May 2007powerlifting (IPF)European Champs82.5kg total2780.0kg(82.4kg)Koscian POL
25 Feb 2007powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total1800.0kg(82.3kg)??nekoski FIN
16 Feb 2007out-of-compKajaani FIN
02 Dec 2006powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaRegional Champs82.5kg total1807.5kg(82.3kg)Sotkamo FIN
08 Nov 2006powerlifting (IPF)World Champs82.5kg total4782.5kg(82.2kg)Stavanger NOR
06 May 2006powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaTUL Champs82.5kg total1790.0kg(81.7kg)Sotkamo FIN
04 Mar 2006powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total3770.0kg(81.2kg)Yl?j?rvi FIN
22 Oct 2005powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total2770.0kg(82.2kg)Salo FIN
29 Sep 2005out-of-compKajaani FIN
09 Sep 2005powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaClub Competition82.5kg total1767.5kg(80.9kg)Sotkamo FIN
14 May 2005powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaClub Competition82.5kg total1800.0kg(80.3kg)Sotkamo FIN
27 Feb 2005powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total2755.0kg(80.2kg)Muurame FIN
20 Nov 2004powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs82.5kg total2760.0kg(79.5kg)Turenki FIN
11 Sep 2004powerlifting (IPF)Nordic Champs75kg total1715.0kg(74.7kg)Aalborg DEN
17 Aug 2004out-of-compKajaani FIN
16 Mar 2004out-of-compKajaani FIN
06 Mar 2004powerlifting (IPF)Sotkamon VisaNational Champs75kg total1742.5kg(74.8kg)Jyv?skyl FIN
06 Nov 2003powerlifting (IPF)World Champs75kg total8720.0kg(74.5kg)Vejle DEN
06 Oct 2003out-of-compKajaani FIN
13 Sep 2003powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94National Champs82.5kg bench-170.0kg(78.2kg)Ylitornio FIN
05 Jun 2003out-of-compKajaani FIN
09 May 2003powerlifting (IPF)European Champs75kg total7715.0kg(74.4kg)Sofia BUL
08 Mar 2003powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94National Champs75kg total1710.0kg(74.5kg)Vantaa FIN
23 Nov 2002powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94Regional Champs75kg bench1172.5kg(75.0kg)Kiiminki FIN
14 Sep 2002powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94Regional Champs75kg total1692.5kg(73.3kg)Ylitornio FIN
09 Mar 2002powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94National Champs67.5kg total2600.0kg(67.2kg)Ylitornio FIN
08 Sep 2001powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94Club Competition67.5kg total1655.0kg(67.5kg)Sotkamo FIN
14 May 2000powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94Club Competition75kg bench1157.5kg(75.0kg)Vaala FIN
28 Feb 1999powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94National Champs75kg total2700.0kg(75.0kg)Savonlinna FIN
26 Sep 1998powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94Club Competition75kg total1700.0kg(75.0kg)Laitila FIN
10 Jul 1998powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94Club Competition75kg total1687.5kg(75.0kg)Vaala FIN
02 Mar 1997powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94National Champs75kg total3665.0kg(75.0kg)Sotkamo FIN
09 Aug 1996powerlifting (IPF)World Champs u2367.5kg total7637.5kg(67.0kg)Vaasa FIN
02 Mar 1996powerlifting (IPF)PCV-94National Champs67.5kg total4632.5kg(67.5kg)Ylitornio FIN
15 Sep 1995powerlifting (IPF)European Champs u2367.5kg total4620.0kg(67.5kg)Cherkasy UKR
15 Feb 1995powerlifting (IPF)OVN-88National Champs67.5kg total1612.5kg(67.5kg)Vaasa FIN
04 Sep 1994powerlifting (IPF)European Champs u2367.5kg total4592.5kg(67.5kg)Manchester GBR
14 Oct 1993powerlifting (IPF)OVN-88National Champs67.5kg total1587.5kg(67.5kg)Laitila FIN
16 May 1993powerlifting (IPF)OVN-88Regional Champs67.5kg total1580.0kg(67.5kg)Oulainen FIN
04 Oct 1992powerlifting (IPF)OVN-88National Champs67.5kg bench1125.0kg(67.5kg)Jyv?skyl FIN
16 May 1992powerlifting (IPF)OVN-88Regional Champs67.5kg total5505.0kg(66.0kg)Oulainen FIN
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