First NameKurtisLast NameSTRONG
NationalityCAN Place of BirthWindsor, ON CAN
Date of Birth11 Jun 1990Age32
GendermaleAthlete IDCAN1990M2
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight75.0kg (165lb)
Registered08 Feb 2006Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting75kg squat190.0kg21 Jan 200615Niagra Open ythSt. Catherines CAN
powerlifting75kg bench110.0kg21 Jan 200615Niagra Open ythSt. Catherines CAN
powerlifting75kg deadlift227.5kg25 Feb 200615Bill Beckwith Memorial ythWayland, MI USA
powerlifting75kg total517.5kg21 Jan 200615Niagra Open ythSt. Catherines CAN

RESULTS  (show detail)

25 Feb 2006powerlifting (IPF)Power PitBill Beckwith Memorial yth75kg total1507.5kg(75.0kg)Wayland, MI USA
21 Jan 2006powerlifting (IPF)Power PitNiagra Open yth75kg total1517.5kg(74.0kg)St. Catherines CAN
27 Nov 2005powerlifting (IPF)Power PitOntario Masters and Juniors75kg total2480.0kg(74.2kg)Waterloo, Onta CAN
14 May 2005powerlifting (IPF)Power PitLondon Open yth75kg total4445.0kg(73.3kg)London, Ontario CAN
22 Jan 2005powerlifting (IPF)Power PitNiagra Open yth75kg total5385.0kg(72.8kg)St. Catherines CAN
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