First NameAaronLast NameZIFFLE
NationalityCAN Place of BirthRegina, SK CAN
Date of Birth21 Sep 1981Age40
GendermaleAthlete IDCAN1981M2
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight93.0kg (205lb)
Registered04 Aug 2005Sportspowerlifting

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting82.5kg squat260.0kg29 Mar 200725National ChampsHalifax CAN
powerlifting90kg squat277.5kg12 Oct 200827Saskatchewan ProvincialsMoose Jaw CAN
powerlifting100kg squat295.0kg13 Nov 201029Western CanadiansVancouver CAN
powerlifting82.5kg bench195.0kg22 Oct 200524Western CanadiansMoose Jaw CAN
powerlifting90kg bench212.5kg20 Dec 200827Adrenaline OpenRegina, SK CAN
powerlifting100kg bench220.0kg13 Nov 201029Western CanadiansVancouver CAN
powerlifting82.5kg deadlift257.5kg29 Mar 200725National ChampsHalifax CAN
powerlifting90kg deadlift260.0kg17 Oct 200726World ChampsSoelden AUT
powerlifting100kg deadlift270.0kg07 Apr 201028National ChampsQuebec City CAN
powerlifting82.5kg total707.5kg29 Mar 200725National ChampsHalifax CAN
powerlifting90kg total740.0kg11 Apr 200826National ChampsSt.Catherines, CAN
powerlifting100kg total765.0kg07 Apr 201028National ChampsQuebec City CAN

RESULTS  (hide detail)

29 Mar 2011powerlifting (IPF)National Champs100kg total2747.5kg(93.0kg)Charlottetown CAN
100kg squat292.5kg
100kg bench215.0kg
100kg deadlift240.0kg
13 Nov 2010powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawWestern Canadians100kg total2765.0kg(97.1kg)Vancouver CAN
100kg squat295.0kg
100kg bench220.0kg
100kg deadlift250.0kg
07 Apr 2010powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawNational Champs100kg total4765.0kg(93.5kg)Quebec City CAN
100kg squat277.5kg
100kg bench217.5kg
100kg deadlift270.0kg
25 Oct 2009powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawSaskatchewan Provincials100kg total3762.5kg(93.5kg)Esterhazy CAN
100kg squat290.0kg
100kg bench215.0kg
100kg deadlift257.5kg
03 Apr 2009powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawNational Champs90kg total3735.0kg(89.6kg)Moose Jaw CAN
90kg squat277.5kg
90kg bench207.5kg
90kg deadlift250.0kg
20 Dec 2008powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawAdrenaline Open90kg total1740.0kg(90.0kg)Regina, SK CAN
90kg squat272.5kg
90kg bench212.5kg
90kg deadlift255.0kg
12 Oct 2008powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawSaskatchewan Provincials90kg total1727.5kg(90.0kg)Moose Jaw CAN
90kg squat277.5kg
90kg bench200.0kg
90kg deadlift250.0kg
11 Apr 2008powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawNational Champs90kg total3740.0kg(89.9kg)St.Catherines, CAN
90kg squat275.0kg
90kg bench205.0kg
90kg deadlift260.0kg
17 Oct 2007powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawWorld Champs90kg total16730.0kg(88.6kg)Soelden AUT
90kg squat260.0kg
90kg bench210.0kg
90kg deadlift260.0kg
29 Mar 2007powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawNational Champs82.5kg total3707.5kg(82.2kg)Halifax CAN
82.5kg squat260.0kg
82.5kg bench190.0kg
82.5kg deadlift257.5kg
03 Jun 2006powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawAlberta Provincials90kg totalG712.5kg(88.1kg)Edmonton , AB CAN
90kg squat270.0kg
90kg bench197.5kg
90kg deadlift245.0kg
22 Oct 2005powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawWestern Canadians82.5kg total-670.0kg(82.4kg)Moose Jaw CAN
82.5kg squat250.0kg
82.5kg bench195.0kg
82.5kg deadlift230.0kg
19 Jun 2005powerlifting (IPF)Moose JawNAPF North Americans82.5kg total3637.5kg(81.6kg)Miami, FL USA
82.5kg squat230.0kg
82.5kg bench177.5kg
82.5kg deadlift230.0kg
09 Apr 2005powerlifting (IPF)Moose Jaw PowerliftingNational Champs82.5kg total4622.5kg(82.5kg)Calgary, AB CAN
82.5kg squat237.5kg
82.5kg bench160.0kg
82.5kg deadlift225.0kg
25 Jan 2005powerlifting (IPF)Moose Jaw PowerliftingSaskatchewan Provincials82.5kg total1620.0kg(82.5kg)North Battlefo CAN
82.5kg squat225.0kg
82.5kg bench167.5kg
82.5kg deadlift227.5kg
23 Oct 2004powerlifting (IPF)Moose Jaw PowerliftingCalgary Open jnr82.5kg bench-165.5kg(82.5kg)Calgary, AB CAN
26 Jun 2004powerlifting (IPF)Moose Jaw PowerliftingWestern Canadians jnr82.5kg total-465.0kg(82.5kg)Kelowna ,BC CAN
82.5kg squat157.5kg
82.5kg bench132.5kg
82.5kg deadlift175.0kg
24 Jan 2004powerlifting (IPF)Moose Jaw PowerliftingSaskatchewan Provincials jnr82.5kg total-392.5kg(79.6kg)Swift Current, CAN
82.5kg squat137.5kg
82.5kg bench132.5kg
82.5kg deadlift122.5kg
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